Small Business PR

Small Business PR doesn’t need to mean low impact. The great thing about public relations is that it is completely scalable and often smaller organisations can undertake more ambitious campaigns because usually senior management are more closely involved and are willing to be more adventurous.

Small business PRAnother reason why small business PR can be powerful is that these organisations are not constrained by large departmental thinking and complex business processes. Smaller organisations can make decisions quickly, and undertake integrated marketing campaigns with very little difficulty.

PR for SMEs and startups

In many ways organisations that are undertaking PR for small businesses can innovate quickly, especially in the digital space. Upskilling the work force for a digital marketing campaign which uses the latest social media is easy. A few training sessions could do it.

In comparison a large organisation might need to get HR involved, consult staff, undertake internal communications or simply suffer from a lack of willingness to try new things. It’s no secret that smaller organisations can be more innovative!

Small business marketing and PR

So if you are a smaller business and wondering if your budget will stretch to cover PR fees, then get in contact. We are confident that PR strategies can be developed for all organisations regardless of size or scale.

To find out more about our Small Business PR offering please contact managing director James Crawford on:

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