One4all Rewards – the Power of Thank You Report

Brief and objectives 

 One4all Rewards is an employee benefits company, which provides giftcards to employers that are then used to incentivise and reward staff.

PR Agency One was appointed to raise the profile of One4all Rewards among SMEs and corporates and to further the ‘power of thank you’ key message.

The aim was to build a reputation and increasing brand visibility and to use PR to increase the organic search visibility of .

The Power of Thank You from one4allgroup

The SMART objectives were:

  • To communicate ‘power of thank you’ key messages to HR and employer audiences.
  • Increase total traffic (from all sources) to the website by 30% as measured by Google analytics
  • Increase brand awareness by 25% as measured by increased in branded search to the One4all website (because measuring branded search is the easiest way to measure brand awareness)
  • Increase organic search traffic to the website by 50%
  • Secure coverage in national, business, HR, employee benefits titles
  • To generate leads and support the sales effort with lead generation and relationship building

Research and planning

We found that there wasn’t a company that was taking the lead on educating employers on reward and recognition. With the exception of some of the trade bodies, (e.g. the CIPD) media relations in the sector had been poor. Using these insights we decided to create the Power of Thank You campaign.

To keep costs low, instead of asking employers we surveyed employees from a broad range of sectors about their opinion on their company’s reward and recognition policies.  From this a fascinating picture was created on how different employers approached reward and recognition.

Using SEM Rush and Search Metrics, our research showed that other employee benefits companies such as SVM Europe were more visible in organic search than One4all Rewards (see supporting content) and there was very little brand awareness of One4all Rewards too.  SearchMetrics showed that One4all Rewards website’s organic search visibility had been consistently flat and after evaluating the link profiles of competitor sites we felt that links from PR coverage could dramatically increase website position in Google. (This is because links from PR coverage are often the biggest influencer of a searches organic traffic and is something that we track in our OneEval, proprietary evaluation system).

We also used research to build a database of all HR Directors on Twitter and LinkedIn with the aim of targeting them with thought leadership content and for the sales team to build genuine real world relationships.

We then used our evaluation system OneEval to measure brand awareness and search visibility, which was attributable to One4all Rewards.

Strategy and tactics 

We undertook a twelve-month campaign to persuade employers and HR practitioners about the power of rewarding and recognising staff by providing thought leadership content to highlight key issues.

The centrepiece of the campaign was a market report called the Power of Thank You. Which was an in-depth report looking at the myriad of ways different industries and size companies thanked their employees for their hard work.

The Power of Thank You report provided multiple chances throughout the year to talk about relevant subjects, e.g.

  • 71% of employees would forgo higher salaries in exchange for better recognition from their boss
  • The death of the Christmas bonus – 7% of workers likely to get a festive treat in their December pay packet this year.

The campaign theme was used across all marketing communications, including email marketing, social media, conferences and a wide range of other channels.

This was underpinned with regular press office activity to identify features, opinion pieces and to generate regular news, which maintained the brand profile of One4all Rewards.

The innovation for this campaign came from how traditional PR tactics were used digitally.  We created stories that would not only resonate with our target audience but would secure high authority links to increase the visibility of the website in organic search. We feel that PR Agency One is one of the best in the UK at using PR to increase search visibility. This is evidenced in our supporting content.

We also used social media as a way for the sales team to build genuine relationships with HR directors and other types of customers.


The campaign was predominantly UK based and took place between the June 2014 and 2015.

Christmas traditionally is the busiest period for employee benefits as many offer bonuses to their staff at Christmas so the campaign was peaked around October, November and December.  This can be seen in the web analytics in the supporting document as traffic increases during this time.

A professionally designed report was created and sold into journalists. The report was also hosted on the website: to earn links for SEO and drive traffic to the website.

Our Power of Thank You report launched in September and for the next six months content was drip-fed from it for use as news, features and a wide variety of online content.

We identified every HR Director on LinkedIn and imported them into Excel. We also found their corresponding Twitter accounts.  The sales team then connected with as many of the target audience as possible, and used our campaign content to arrange meetings. Twitter lists were created using this information so that the sales team could build relationships and make appointments.

Measurement and evaluation 

The research was widely seen as influential and was mentioned during a keynote speech at the CIPD Annual Conference.

All targets were completely smashed!

  • As a direct result of the research, independent opinion tracking research found awareness of One4all Rewards increased by 60% among HR directors. We placed stories in over 100 titles, including the Mirror, Evening Standard, Pay and Benefits, Engage Customer, Human Resources and People Management. See coverage here: Firstly, here is a link to our press cuttings for the campaign:
  • Total website traffic to the website increased by 76% as measured by Google analytics (see fig1)
  • Brand awareness increased by 33% (as measured by increased in branded search to the One4all website, see fig 3)
  • Organic traffic to the website increased by 155% year on year and this can be attributed 100% to PR.
  • Over 60% of editorial had an inbound link to the website.
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