The best PR Stunts of March 2022

2022 has been a great year so far for some creative and memorable PR stunts, with the month of March being no exception. Here are some of PR Agency One’s top picks for the most successful stunts we’ve seen this month.

Duolingo corrects mistranslated tattoos for free

Language learning app Duolingo made headlines this month helping out members of the public who’d made terrible mistakes with their tattoos. Written tattoos can be a very risky choice, especially when having them done in a foreign language and using Google Translate to get the design. For this reason, and to tie in with World Tattoo Day, Duolingo asked the public to post pictures of their tattoos online, using the hashtag #TattooDuoOver, to which they’d then translate the tattoo and reply back saying it’s correct or what it’s true meaning is. Duolingo then chose the best mistranslations and organised for the winners to be flown to Paris for tattoo corrections bu legendary tattoo parlour, Abraxas

The Gender Pay Gap Twitter Bot

In time for International Women’s Day, a Twitter bot started a crusade to call out businesses that fall short in ensuring men and women are paid the same wage for the same jobs. The bot responds to employers’ tweets about International Women’s Day, replying with statistics showing their gender pay gap difference using data from numerous government sources. This was a great stunt to tie into International Women’s Day, and raised a lot of issues found within some well-known businesses and organisations when they got their results back.

Experiential PR stunt

This experiential stunt from the DVLA stopped people in their tracks in the middle of Manchester city centre. The cone-clad car was used to highlight the legal requirement to tax cars before taking to the road, with a sign reading “hard to hide, easy to tax”. The eye-catching and intriguing stunt caused conversation on social media and was seeded on regional news websites. Who said the Government can’t do creative communications?

Leaks Happen – tackling a taboo

While some in the PR and marketing industry say billboards are the new ‘float it down the Thames’ tactic there is no denying when done right they are still an effective PR stunt tactic. So when we saw this one from Elvie, which adds an extra dimension to the 2D billboard we were pretty impressed. Not only that, it was a campaign aimed at breaking the taboo around a serious issue that affects 84% of women globally.

The ‘peeing billboard’ was launched in response to a banned TikTok video that showed the issue of female incontinence while weightlifting. While the viral video was banned this out-of-home (OOH) billboard certainly turned heads and brought the issue back into the mainstream media.

Final Thoughts

March’s most memorable PR stunts have ranged from humourous, to covering some important discussions that deserve time in the spotlight. Ultimately, this month has seen some creative and effective stunts that met their objectives of generating discussion.

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