PR is the new SEO? (reblog)

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I’ve recently written a PR and SEO guest post for online marketing blog Maynem.  

The post pretty much summarises my current thinking on how PR and SEO is converging.  The meeting of the two disciplines is a topic which is close to my heart and an area where I think the industry has ‘dropped the ball.’.

I’m more of a realist than others when it comes to SEO. Sure, the Panda and Penguin updates have given some parts of the SEO industry a bit of a beating, but there are still so many manipulative tactics which remain effective.  Dropping them all now could be commercial suicide for many businesses.  

Saying this, PR is becoming more and more influential within the realm of SEO.  Read the guest post and find out more. 

If you want further reading I recently spoke at SAScon on the subject and you can find my presentation on PR and SEO here. 

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