Local Marketing – Chorlton Arts Festival 2012 Blue Badge Campaign

Outside the PR Agency One office is a cheap and cheerful piece of local marketing by Chorlton Arts Festival.

Chorlton Arts Festival 2012 Campaign

 It’s a simple mechanic to promote the arts festival, providing little titbits of local history and all done for the price of a cheap bit of print.

In my humble opinion it’s better and more effective than flyers or a promo poster.  Despite the typo in their text (!), the badge is a curiosity and talking point and people have been stopping outside the office to read it all day. 

Moreover it’s a reminder to us marketers that a well thought through, simple idea can trump poorly thought through and expensive marketing campaigns.



They also missed the low hanging fruit by not running a Facebook photo tagging competition but who am I to judge…

 That is all.

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