Don’t let bad images wreck your PR moment (a case study of Donald Trump)

One of the keys to creating a good story, is ensuring you have good photography to go with it.

The old saying “a picture can tell a thousand words” might be a cliché but, particularly in terms of news, it happens to be true.

I can’t count how many times in my pre-PR journalism days that failing to get a good picture resulted in my editor relegating a perfectly acceptable front of the book story to the middle pages or, god forbid, languishing after the property section.

In PR, ignoring the images you send with a story (and the story the image tells) can make a break your chances of coverage – or of making the news for the wrong reasons.

And that brings us to newly inaugurated President Donald Trump, and his decision to cut funding to overseas organisations that offer abortions.

Now, no amount of photography was going to make this story anything other than negative for many people.

To say Donald Trump has an ongoing problem with women is like saying Jeremy Corbyn has an electability problem – both are obvious, and very unlikely to change anytime soon.

Which is why the image of the ever orange tinted Trump, flanked by five men, signing an executive order restricting what women can do with their own bodies – or even be informed about possible decisions – makes for yet another PR cock-up.

It’s doubtful the President’s press team had a crowd of women wishing they could have been part of the photo-opp.

But, nevertheless this is just the latest in a line of mishaps that suggests we are witnessing one of the most unpolished and PRless Oval Offices we’ve ever seen.

As we say, this kind of story was never likely to be turned around based on the imagery, but it serves as a reminder that no matter what story you are planning to put out, make sure you put some thought into the image you’ll be portraying, or prepare yourself for some PR disappointment.

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