11 reasons why Chorlton is a great location for a PR agency

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I sometimes get asked why we are based in Chorlton. The question is usually put to me by people who have never been to Chorlton (or worked at PR Agency One). So for those wondering why, here are 11 reasons:

  • South Manchester is full of media and marketing talent
  • Chorlton has always been a home for creative talent Quentin Crisp died here and now it is full of popstars and actors aplenty
  • There are lots of other marketing agencies and professionals in Manchester making a healthy mini ‘scene’
  • Staff who live in Chorlton can walk to work
  • We’ve got Sushi, Manchester’s best deli and an amazing veggie co-op on our doorstep for lunch
  • Our office is next door to Electrik, Dulcimer and about 30 other bars and pubs for evening drinks
  • The ever popular Beech Road is a stone’s throw away which is packed full of shops and bars
  • There is the excellent Chorlton and Didsbury marketing group
  • Equidistant from media city and Manchester city centre
  • Just off the motorway and next to the Metrolink
  • You can walk to Old Trafford


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