The Best iPhone Apps Ever (according to me)

I work in public relations and until recently used a Blackberry, however for the PR professional, there is no better device than the iPhone for bringing together Web 2.0 technology. Here is my list of killer apps. I’m hoping by writing this that others will recommend apps that I’ve missed. Please suggest others by way of comments.

WordPress – I’m writing this post via the WordPress app from my bed while my three week old baby sleeps on top of me. You can write, tag, upload photos and approve comments. It’s pretty damn fine actually.

Google Analytics – this is on here by default as I actually hate Google Analytics, but I can’t find a better tool for measuring traffic while out and about.

Delicious, Instapaper and Evernote – Delicious for archiving and retriving useful stuff and Instapaper for filing stuff to read later. Evernote allows you to archive anything and tag it so it can be found later. Useful!

Sky+ – for recording Man Utd. Obviously. Or perhaps client coverage.

Guardian, Telegraph, Sky News, The MEN, Thomson Reuters, Digg, Reddit – for keeping up to date.

Foursquare – I disagreed on Twitter with Robert Scoble on the potential for Foursquare. I just don’t see it as a B2B tool. However it is not to say that I don’t find it useful, especially the tips section which helps me gain insights about local restaurants etc.

Dropbox – storage in the cloud. You can keep anything here. This app is so useful that I might pay and upgrade so I have 100gb storage.

Stickybits – one day someone will use this app for the purposes of brandalism and you PR people will be glad that you know about it. At the moment though Stickybits is a not much more than untapped potential and a social media curiousity. Fun though!

Polarize and Quadcam – so you are blogging on the go and want a photo for your post. An iPhone photo can be pretty poor quality but you can spruce them up no end with these little beauties.

Ustream – I have 3gs envy. With
The 3gs device and Ustream you can broadcast directly from your iPhone.

Tweetie 2 – again, pretty much the definitive Twitter app. There are lots of blogs on this app, so I’ll move on.

Facebook, Google, Flickr, Youtube etc – again standard but essential stuff.

So people, what have I missed?

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  1. shiveringgoat says:

    Good list. Dropbox is not unlimited space the maximum is 100GB:)

  2. Vince says:

    You’ve missed probably the best video app for us 3g users icamcorder – gives you the ability to record video on your 2g/3g phones
    .-= Vince´s last blog .. =-.

  3. shiveringgoat says:

    Good recommendations! I also like Sugar Sync – similar to Dropbox but you can have specific files on certain computers rather than with Dropbox where 100% is the same all the time. Both great though, this is the future! 🙂

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