Reasons to #SaveBBC6music

BBC 6Music

The BBC are going to scrap BBC 6 Music . I wake up to this station everyday at 6.30am, I cook to it, and generally love everything about it. Losing this radio station is, in my view, a disaster.

Here are three reasons to save the station.

1 – BBC 6 Music is the broadcasting equivalent of John Peel. When John Peel died, BBC 6 music filled the void

2 – No commercial station could ever do what BBC 6 Music does. The pressures are too great to plug artists backed by big record companies (with large advertising budgets).

3 – Large parts of BBC 6 Music are produced in Manchester and the station supports bands from outside of London

To make a complaint about the proposed scrapping of BBC 6Music visit this page at the BBC

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  1. handsome_panda says:

    Handsome Panda on BBC 6Music tonight at 1am! Be there! … or wait for it to come out on iplayer! @Inside6music @freshnet

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