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I am sure I am not the first Public Relations person to trot out the old cliché that talent borrows and genius steals. With this in mind I thought I would share a few PR blogs from which I have learn so much over the past few years.

Firstly let’s get the big two out of the way:

• Steve Rubel is a PR giant and runs one of the most authoritative public relations blogs on the planet This PR blog gives clear and concise advice on all things online, without the usual jargon and “social media guru” nonsense

• Brian Solis is another giant of the internet and a leader in PR 2.0 thinking.

• Bridging the gap nicely from the US to the UK PR industry is American expat Fernando Rizo with his blog. Too many PR people fall into the Chris Morris / Nathan Barley school of idiot, but I have met Fernando and not only is he a well rounded human being, he also knows his stuff. His blog is free of the usual pretention which litters public relations

• Litman Live is an exceptional PR blog authored by public relations’ man Mike Litman . His blog is a lifestream of all the great stuff he finds on the web, along with his own posts

• Adam Vincenzini ‘s PR blog is superb, although I prefer his Posterous blog, which is rougher around the edges but full of rebloggable insight

• PR Squared is always worth a nosy

72 Point is a UK news agency used by PR professionals throughout the UK. Their hatred of PR spam and crap press releases is always refreshing to hear, especially for any newbies to our industry

• Mark Borkowski is famous as a stuntster and maverick. His public relations blog is at its best when discussing the murky world of celebrity PR

• We shouldn’t forget the young either and Ben Cotton’s PR blog is a great example to ‘new breed’ practitioners of public relations who are trying to enter the world of PR. His blog screams employability as does Kat4pr which is the blog of Katerina Hejralova.

• And finally, who can forget PR Week and its blogs?.

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  1. Ben Smith says:

    I’m biased obviously but we reckon is a pretty good website for PR people

  2. Ben Smith says:

    I’m biased obviously but we reckon is a pretty good website for PR people

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