PR and Social Media Links 6 Feb 10

Slideshare launches its branded Youtube channel
Good old Slideshare! It has always been a great resource and now with its branded Youtube channel it has become an even more important service which I can offer to clients. Check out their news here

Friday Guest Blog: Are blogs the beating heart of a social media strategy?
This was an interesting post on blogging from Paul Fabretti which appeared on the Manchester Chamber of Commerce website.

The comments were the most fascinating part for me; Nigel Sarbutts’ comments in particular. Are blogs less trust worthy than direct mail???!!! Forrester is a reputable source, but for me it doesn’t really stack up. Yes, you might trust a direct mailer or an offer you receive through the post, perhaps because of the legislation around DM. You know that direct marketing professionals have to play by a certain set of rules.

The thing the data ignores is that direct mail is a simple channel of communication, lacking nuance.

DM is not really an authoritative source is it? You don’t care what they have to say, or wait for a new direct mailer to read do you? Blogs are interesting because they are often opinion based. It is up to the reader to decide if they trust the source. The data from Nigel is important though. As obviously many still have reservations about the credibility of blogs. Top debate there from the Manchester PR circuit!

And finally – I loved this PR disaster
Very funny. What not to do when your boss is on TV behind you. Follow the link here

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