Is the Wikileaks interview, erm, leaked?

Does anyone think it is ironic that the Colbert Report interview with director of Wikileaks Julian Assange is “not available in the UK”? (see image above) After all, Wikileaks main specialism is leaking content to the world…. Surely their ‘people’ can pull a few strings?

Wikileaks is a revelation in investigative journalism and open information. It’s a controversial organisation which has split opinion, as some people are unsure whether to trust it as a news source.

For those interested, here in an interesting profile of Assange in last week’s Sunday Times.

I quite like Wikileaks and its approach; I wanted to watch this video. I am assuming someone somewhere has uploaded the video clip to share with those outside the US. I’ve clearly not looked hard enough… Send me a link please.

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