Healthcare reform in the US makes great, erm, TV

Just when you thought the Americans were just like us Brits, you get a real shock to the system.

The new healthcare reforms in the US, meaning everyone regardless of wealth can access care, are proving a sticky wicket for the president.

The proposals are
‘communism by stealth’, will ‘put politicians in between the people and their doctors’ and is pretty much the end of the world as we know it.

There are demonstrations and in some places violence at town hall rallies.

It just goes to show the power and influence of lobbying and the in-built love of the free market within US society.

The whole situation is funny, frightening, enlightening and remarkable.

Trying to convince the US public that healthcare reforms are in their interest would be a great campaign for a PR man like myself to be involved in. Instead, though, I will watch from the sidelines, via John Stewart. And with the thousands of miles of distance between us and them, I can kick back and enjoy the spectacle on TV.

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