Great debate on Reddit about ‘that’ @Wikileaks video

Wikileaks today went live with a video which appears to show the US military shooting two innocent journalists from Reuters and two chidren, along with many more civilians. The whole case has, according to Wikileaks, been covered up. (in fact it, was reported in 2007, but without – until now – little evidence).

Since the video went live there has, at time of writing, been very little coverage in the mainstream media with many wondering why. (Is it a cover-up by the mainstream media? – Internet users love a good conspiracy)

Apart from the shocking content which I’m not linking too (but is very easy to find via Google), this news story is interesting because it is breaking from a none mainstream media source.

As a result, because mainstream media like to verify their sources, there is very little coverage apart from on Reddit. I particularly like this post which examines how a story of this magnitude can not be reported:

“Why isn’t the MSM covering the video of the civilian massacre that wikileaks released?”

there’s also a discussion going on here:

Where as the media darling Twitter usually breaks stories, the micro blogging platform has been quiet on this topic for some reason. However, Reddit has been aflame with this story all day and Reddit’s unique forum and voting system allows for intelligent debate.

I’d love to hear from any journalists on why they think the mainstream media is not reporting this story yet?

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