Google Goggles to revolutionise Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google Goggles takes SEO out of the hands digital communications and into that of the product designer or anyone involved in the built environment.

The concept of functionality for a designer could in the future also mean consideration must be given to any design being recognisable by Google Goggles. A designer must no longer worry solely about form and ergonomics. Their remit will change to include SEO.

If a design is unrecognisable to Google Goggles, there will be in some cases problems, especially if the world becomes as reliant on Google Goggles as it is on Google Search.

And as a result the role of SEO experts will also change. So far SEO is a digital expertise which broadly falls under marketing or communications channels. However, will this in the future, and how will current SEO experts react?

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