Algorithmic Journalism? It sounds like maths, but it could be fun

The following is an excerpt from Steve Rubel’s Thoughts on Media Reforestation and Algorithmic Journalism. Forget the word ‘algorithmic’ for a second – I prefer the idea that, thanks to technology, we will all be involved in curating content.

Last decade the big story was how technology enabled all of us to become publishers. However, the reality is quality content remains work. Many people don’t have the time or the motivation to consistently churn it out. Truth: those who did manage to attract large followings all worked their tails off to get there. People like Gary Vanyerchuck, Chris Brogan and Jeff Jarvis, just to name three, attained and scaled their influence thanks to a mix of talent and elbow grease. But that was the first chapter of media reforestation. Chapter two is about to begin and tablets and smart phones will take center stage, enabling us to all subconsciously publish and media to form like magic out of algorithms.

Content creation today still requires intent – thought then action. However soon we will be able to put our gadgets on autopilot and have them automatically contribute to the process even when they are safely tucked away in our pockets, pocketbooks and backpacks. When these millions of gadgets become powerful, always-on servers it will revolutionize media.

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