I’ve Launched a Manchester PR Agency Today

I’ve launched a public relations agency for the Manchester PR and marketing community (<-note huge shoe-horning in of SEO anchor text – so blatant, but indulge me, it is my blog). We aim to bring together PR, SEO and digital disciplines which are increasingly merging together as one. By starting with a blank canvas, its […]

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Posterous has added groups

Why is Posterous groups important? I’ve always loved Posterous and use it to post content just about everywhere, I adore the bookmarklet that allows you to cut content from other sites and I admire its simplicity. Posterous groups makes collaborating with clients, colleagues and family so much easier. I already have one client that uses […]

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Five advantages of online PR

1. Reader impressions – how many people have read the coverage? This is often displayed on page but is usually available from the site administrator if not. Traditional PR can tell you how many people bought the paper using ABC figures, but not how many people actually read a specific piece of coverage. 2. Traffic […]

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Making sense of the internet meme – Keanu Reeves

Why is the internet currently obsessed with Keanu Reeves? This is a PR blog and the internet meme is an industry obsession, so I am really keen to found out more about what makes a good internet meme. In an attempt to make sense of this phenomenon and blog on the topic, I am currently […]

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Public relations and Quora

For PR people interested in thought leadership, Q&A tools like Yahoo Answers have failed to deliver. In fact, sites like these have been the subject of much derision. Since 2008 a service called Quora has been emerging, and it is now about to break into the mainstream. The increasing amount of unique users (see fig […]

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Local journalists and ‘cut and paste’

Regional news is in crisis and journalists on local newspapers are resorting to cut and paste journalism, according to a new report. While this might seem like good news to PR people, who are quite happy to have their copy cut and paste into newspapers, it ultimately means that what is being produced by publishers […]

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Public relations and the ‘inclusive’ World Cup

Public relations is all about targeting. Sometimes PR professionals chose online media for their campaigns, other times broadcast is a better channel to get a communications message across. In a recent PR post about online media and the world cup, it was suggested that FIFA has missed a trick with social media for this year’s […]

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PR blogs worth reading

I am sure I am not the first Public Relations person to trot out the old cliché that talent borrows and genius steals. With this in mind I thought I would share a few PR blogs from which I have learn so much over the past few years. Firstly let’s get the big two out […]

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