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Want to work with an award winning B2B and consumer PR agency in Manchester?

Upwardly mobile  PR Agency One is loudly and proudly flying the flag for a new breed of PR agencies. Based in Manchester and perfectly balanced at the high performance intersection of all that’s good about on and offline PR and marketing, the PR agency One team deliver the highest standard of B2B PR and Consumer PR.  That’s why we are currently the CIPR’s PR Agency of the Year, according to PR Moment.

B2B PR which build reputation and generates leads

Our B2B PR agency team comprise world class PR practitioners who are expertly trained in traditional PR and cutting edge digital practices. Our people are built from the ground up and equally capable of delivering world class editorial, while also knowing the ins and outs of how to measure its impact using Google Analytics.  Find out more about our B2B team here

Creative consumer PR that grabs headlines and drives online visibility

The consumer PR team are creative but with a purpose.  We generate headlines and online noise which drives your audience to a point of conversion either online or in-store. By simultaneously building brands and revenue our consumer team has steadily built a reputation for excellence. Find out more about our consumer PR team here.

Tangible PR agency outcomes and award winning evaluation

Whilst many other agencies talk a good digital game, few have the resources to properly deploy and fewer (if any) to deliver – and measure – integrated campaigns with the insight, experience and bottom line benefits of PR Agency One. Starting with a keen and clear understanding that – far from discreet – traditional offline PR and SEO are perfectly complementary, PR Agency One has quickly established itself as the leading voice in this new integrated discipline. PR Agency One’s proposition is built around building reputations and online visibility, while also solving the age old PR dilemma of how to measure results. By adapting eCommerce metrics and Google Analytics to provide crystal clear ROI and performance metrics PR Agency One has made PR measurement ‘tangible’. New thinking, new technology and new partnerships continually present fresh opportunities for PR Agency One.

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