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Social media campaigns have become a PR staple and a central part of most PR strategies.

Social Media AgencyThere are still some PR agencies that pay lip service to social media campaigns.

They will think they can outsource social media to the agency’s resident ‘expert’, but this expert will not fully understand your brief.

Social media done badly is a complete waste of money.

The blue print for a social media agency is PR Agency One

Worse still, they will talk a good game but really have no in house social media expertise, bar an office junior who ‘spends too much time on Facebook.’

Social media campaigns should be integrated into traditional PR campaigns and in house practitioners should be just as skilled at liaising with bloggers and journalists as creating award winning Youtube campaigns, Facebook pages or running blogs and Twitter feeds.  We are a PR and a social media agency.

Traditional PR with a social media edge

If ‘traditional’ PR and social media campaigns aren’t integrated then your budget and efforts are split and diluted, meaning that you outcomes will be less successful.

What is more, beyond creating great content for social media campaigns that are integrated with PR, a PR agency team should understand the link between SEO and social media.

Measureable social media campaigns

This team should be expert in Google Analytics and other measurement and monitoring. They should be able to tell you how much traffic their social media campaign has driven to your website.

What is more they should be able to tell you what people are saying about your business or industry online and report this back to you in easily digestible reporting.

Social media campaigns are PR Agency One’s strength. We do social media in a way that adds to your core PR and marketing efforts, rather than creating yet another channel that needs managing.

To find out more about our social media campaigns please contact managing director James Crawford on 0845 309 6378

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