Crisis PR Management

When up to 70% of the value of a business is derived from an organisation’s reputation then it is understandable why crisis PR management is so important to senior management and business owners.

Crisis PRIn fact, protecting the reputation of a business can be one of the most profitable PR techniques on offer.

The key to good crisis management is in the preparation of systems, training of staff and the establishment of key business processes. Training and modelling of potential crises can be crucial to ensure everyone is prepared for every eventuality.

Crisis communications and crisis PR

Once these basics are in place then often a rapid response and the ability to make decisions under extreme pressure can come into play.

At PR Agency One our team has huge amounts of crisis PR management experience and can help you protect your reputation.

Crisis PR managementWe’ve undertaken product recalls, defended clients from aggressive investigative journalism and handled crises in some of the most pressurised media situations.

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