The Best PR Stunts of June 2022

As the month that officially kickstarts summer, June can also signal the start of ‘silly season’ in the media as PRs and journalists go on holiday and leave those left covering the news desk scrabbling for stories. This leads to a rise in questionable and sometimes quality PR stunts as brands get more adventurous. Here’s […]

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Free Creativity Guide for Public Relations | Free Download

Free to Download Creativity Guide

Here is our free to download Creativity Guide, written by the team at PR Agency One, a world class, multi-award winning public relations consultancy. Creative PR and communications is at the heart of what we do and we wanted to share our approach. While it is written with PR in mind, the guide is suitable […]

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Creative thinking tools for PR


Creative thinking tools are techniques that help us through the creative PR process. They can make brainstorms fun and more effective be they for consumer or B2b / Corporate. There are lots of techniques and I recommend identifying one or more to use, before jumping straight into a brainstorm. Mind Mapping Let’s begin with a timeless […]

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Brainstorms and Creativity in PR

How to Run a Brainstorm

Brainstorming is the most common problem solving technique used in PR and business. It is commonly used but often misunderstood. Even in the creative industries, brainstorms are often great and but can also sometimes be ineffective.  I will be covering off everything that you need to know about brainstorms – the good, the bad and […]

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