Case Study: Enhancing media engagement and impact for Growth Lending

Who They Are and What They Wanted

Growth Lending, an alternative lending company specialising in supporting SMEs, sought to enhance their media presence and engage more effectively with their audience. Initially, their internal resources were insufficient to manage media coverage effectively from their deals pipeline.

What We Did

Phase 1 – Establishing a Media Coverage Foundation

Our team stepped in to streamline and professionalise their media engagement. We focused on creating and disseminating one press release per week, highlighting various deals and developments. This consistent output required precise coordination, especially considering the extensive third-party approval processes involved. Our team effectively managed multiple pieces in different production stages simultaneously.

Phase 2 – Advancing to Sophisticated Media Engagement

We transitioned to a more nuanced strategy centred around thought leadership. The cornerstone of this phase was the creation of the “Geared for Growth” report. This research-led initiative provided fresh insights into SME attitudes towards lending and speculation for growth. Not only did this report offer numerous media content opportunities, but it also served as a focal point for both media and client-focused events.

Coverage Highlights

Our strategic approach quickly bore fruit. Each press release consistently garnered media attention, contributing to a remarkable achievement of over 350 pieces of coverage in a 12-month period. Additionally, the release of the “Geared for Growth” report correlated with a significant spike in web traffic, underlining the impact of our thought leadership content.

Campaign Results

  • Consistent media coverage with over 350 pieces in various outlets over a year.
  • A major increase in website traffic, particularly following the report’s coverage.
  • The successful delivery of the second thought leadership report, with a third in the planning stages.
  • A 246% year-over-year increase in online goal completions, indicating enhanced audience engagement and conversion.
  • Coverage spanned across general business media and key sector-specific outlets, broadening the brand’s reach and influence.

This case study exemplifies how a strategic, multi-phased approach to media engagement and thought leadership can significantly elevate a brand’s presence and impact in its industry. Growth Lending [Boost & Co] not only achieved heightened media coverage but also experienced tangible improvements in audience engagement and web traffic, paving the way for continued success and growth.

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