Fletchers Solicitors

Fletcher Solicitors is a classic example of a business benefiting from PR Agency One’s approach to measurement.

Fletchers Solicitors target audience was anyone who might have suffered from medical negligence and wanted to make a claim. This might mean targeting those who have suffered or their friends and family.

Before April 2013, many law firms acquired new cases by paying referral fees to a wide variety of third parties. As of 1st April, referral fees were effectively banned as part of the Lord Justice Jackson’s Review. The legal sector was in chaos, and many firms specialising in personal injury and medical negligence were expected to become insolvent because of the new legislative changes. Legal firms needed to embrace new marketing practices or face extinction.

PR Agency One responded with a creative, multidiscipline digital and SEO PR strategy to transform the external face of Fletchers Solicitors and drive leads via the website, using a combination of intensive media relations, SEO and innovative digital and social media platforms.

Since launching this campaign way back in, PR Agency One has also supported Fletchers on building its corporate reputation within the industry, in order to support the firm with its growth and especially with its employer brand and reputation tracking.  This long standing relationship goes from strength to strength.

PR Agency One also supports Patient Claimline.

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