Dronesdirect.co.uk: Taking PR and SEO to the skies

Our brief

The BuyItDirect Group wanted to use a test campaign with PR Agency One to prove the concept of using PR and media relations as link-building and search engine visibility-boosting tools.

As an agency which prides itself on qualitative measurement and evaluation, this was our A game.

The DronesDirect.co.uk website was completely new – having been newly acquired in October 2015 – and had no organic SEO or marketing activity applied to it. This made it an ideal test site, so we could accurately attribute the impact PR had.

Our brief was to boost DronesDirect.co.uk’s SEO via link-building and traffic-driving coverage, and to increase share of voice for DronesDirect.co.uk.

Our campaign

We created Eyes to the Skies: The UK Drone Users Report 2016, a survey of DronesDirect.co.uk customers that identified trends within the emerging drones community, including personas, user groups and attitudes towards drone usage.

The report was hosted on DronesDirect.co.uk’s website, and proved to be an authoritative source of information for media titles, which were crying out for more information about this thriving technology.

We also devised a programme of creative product innovations, which captured the imagination of media. Every product or service was available to purchase either on the site or in store.

The innovations included:

  • Wedding Drone – DronesDirect.co.uk Launches Drone Proposal Package
  • co.uk Launches Fishing Drone
  • The World’s Most Expensive Drone: 20k Luxury Gold Plated Phantom 4
  • Dec up with a Drone: DJI Phantom 4 with Mistletoe Kiss Cam, Snow Sprinkler and Tree Decorating Settings

Press Office:

To take advantage of the media’s new obsession with all things drones for link building purposes, and ensure DronesDirect.co.uk emerged as one of the leading voices in the debate around drone usage, PR Agency One implemented a programme of authoritative commentary on emerging issues relating to the category. This included contributing to scheduled features and reacting to the news agenda, and creating news from within the business in the form of new services and customer commitments.


DronesDirect.co.uk saw a 21 place increase in search rankings for the term “drones”, jumping from position 23 to 2 in the first six months of the campaign.

71 links to DronesDirect.co.uk secured in media coverage.

The links built to DronesDirect.co.uk had an average domain authority of 42/100.

187 pieces of coverage secured.

Coverage highlights included: Forbes.com, TheGuardian.com, Independent.co.uk, Mashable.com, Gizmodo.com, Cnet.com, RoughGuides.com, Bridesmagazine.co.uk, EliteBusiness.co.uk and Stuff.tv.


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