Consumer Healthcare Case Study: UK’s First Home Office-Compliant Medical Cannabis Card

The case study focuses on the UK’s pioneering launch of the Releaf Medical Cannabis Card, by Releaf Dispensary, facilitated by PR Agency One.

The card represents a significant advancement for medical cannabis patients, ensuring legal protection and access to prescribed treatment. PR Agency One’s campaign was integral in unveiling this innovative solution, addressing widespread unawareness regarding the legality of medical cannabis and mitigating concerns about illicit perceptions.

Narrative and Key Messages

The Releaf Medical Cannabis Card is an emblem of progress, designed to instil confidence in patients to use their prescribed cannabis treatments without fear of legal repercussions. Its launch signified a potential shift towards a US-style cannabis revolution in the UK, with the card functioning as an immediate digital validator of a patient’s legal prescription to law enforcement.

The campaign highlighted several critical points:

  • The card is a robust response to a study revealing that a significant portion of the UK population was unaware of the legality of medical cannabis.
  • It addresses the social stigma and legal ambiguities that dissuade patients from accessing their medication in public.
  • PR Agency One’s strategy included leveraging media coverage and digital platforms to raise awareness about the card and the lawful use of medical cannabis.
  • Testimonials from patients like Greg de Hoet were instrumental in humanising the issue, illustrating the card’s impact on improving their quality of life.

Strategy Execution by PR Agency One

PR Agency One’s campaign execution was multifaceted, targeting both stigma reduction and legislative clarity. The firm employed a combination of strong healthcare comms expertise, traditional media outreach and digital marketing to educate the public and shape perceptions. They orchestrated coverage across high-profile outlets and utilised digital tools to simplify the patient journey, from consultation to prescription.

Promotional Activities

The firm’s promotional activities included engaging with national media, coordinating the endorsement by TV’s Linda Robson, and publicising the Snoop Dogg lookalike stunt, which collectively contributed to 30 million social media impressions.

These activities demonstrated PR Agency One’s adeptness at blending insightful strategy with creative execution.

Measurable Impact and Conclusion

The successful launch of the Releaf Medical Cannabis Card, supported by PR Agency One, resulted in:

  • Overwhelming media attention, with 65 pieces of launch coverage reaching an audience in the billions.
  • Daily Mail – “‘Releaf’ cannabis card will allow patients prescribed medical cannabis to show police they aren’t breaking the law
  • Express – “Home delivery cannabis card protects medicinal users’ rights”
  • Sky News – “How would a medical cannabis card help and what are the impacts on its users?”
  • A burgeoning waiting list, demonstrating high public interest and acceptance.
  • Positioning Releaf as a thought leader in the medical cannabis sector through the largest study of its kind and significant influence on stakeholder opinions.

PR Agency One’s campaign not only met its objectives but also paved the way for a more informed and accepting attitude towards medical cannabis in the UK. The case study serves as a testament to PR Agency One’s capacity to address complex challenges with innovative solutions, underlining their reputation as a leading PR consultancy.

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