Purpose PR Case Study: Shouting about Child Labour as a standalone investment risk

Who they are and what they wanted 

HACE is a purpose-led tech start-up on a mission to eradicate child labour from global supply chains through proactive investor engagement. It has set out to create the world’s first Child Labour Index using multiple data sources to give asset and fund managers insight into the performance of publicly traded businesses. Through this exclusive insight and its Stewardship Toolkit, investors can take proactive steps to positively engage the world’s biggest businesses on the presence of child labour within their extended supply chains.  

The female-founded business tasked our technology PR team with raising awareness of HACE, its Child Labour Index, and the prevalence of child labour in global supply chains, ahead of its product launch. 

Our strategic PR campaign would also help it raise further investment as the business scales and continues to develop its proprietary product. 


The early-stage start-up wanted to: 

  • Reach asset, wealth and fund managers with key messages about the HACE platform and brand. 
  • Reach a broader national, financial and ESG audience beyond regional media. 
  • Seek interest in and sign up for the Child Labour Index product pilot. 
  • Position the company and its medium/long-term vision under the guidance of CEO, Eleanor Harry. 
  • Reach VCs and investor audiences through earned media creating a feeling of FOMO around the recently closed funding round. 

ESG and Purpose PR Strategy 

Our strategy was to establish HACE as the people who de-risk investments through data, technology and proactive engagement, specifically concerned with child labour in the supply chain. 

As well as establishing HACE as market leaders in the measuring of child labour risk, we also had to educate journalists and the wider public on the emerging risk of child labour in large organisations. Currently, the topic is banded in with other ESG elements including forced labour and modern slavery. 

The strategy would amplify several key messages:  

  • The child labour supply chain issue for investors is two-fold: risk to share price and increasing legislation is it’s on the way 
  • The Index is the only quantitative metric in the world for child labour performance at a company and group level 
  • The Index is launching imminently and looking for a select number of users to pilot it. 

What we did 

We set out to establish HACE and its CEO as the go-to spokespeople for child labour in the supply chain. To do this we created a library of proactive and reactive comments and leveraged several high-profile instances of child labour, and EU regulatory changes currently moving through approval. 

In addition, we created a list of top-tier media titles, journalists and other people of influence who regularly cover the topic and set up one-on-one meetings. These meetings established relationships with key opinion leaders in the sector and laid the foundations for immediate and future press coverage. 

We also created a calendar of business news-based press releases which we could issue at regular instances to keep HACE front of mind while it was fundraising and recruiting. 

Purpose PR campaign coverage highlights 

Over a six month period we secured a number of top-tier pieces of coverage, with the HACE CEO able to talk about the topic and its emerging risk. Coverage was featured in: Bloomberg, Financial Times – Sustainable Views, Politico, Portfolio Adviser and ESG Clarity.  

Through our media relations work, we were able to set up one-on-one conversations with the HACE team and influential journalists in covering ESG investing and financial industries, providing an invaluable opportunity to introduce the business and talk about its solution to the current supply chain status quo. 

In total, we secured 29 pieces of coverage including a number of pieces around the business’s most recent fundraising round, exclusive interviews with Eleanor Harry and an interview in a top-tier ESG podcast. 

As a result, HACE’s brand visibility increased and was sustained during an important time for the business. HACE also gained three new top three Google keyword rankings for branded and non-branded search terms. HACE’s website increased in authority and reference, with its Trust Flow and Citation Flow increasing by seven and 18 points respectively in the six month period. 

PR was also a driver of conversations with investors and resulted in three additional investors coming on board. 

The campaign delivered: 

  • Increased investment from investors 
  • 4 one-on-one journalist interviews 
  • 29 pieces of coverage 
  • 9 links to the website 
  • 7 point increase in Trust Flow and 18 point increase in Citation Flow 
  • 100% brand mention inclusion in coverage 
  • 100% of coverage included at least one key message 

To find out more about how we can help increase awareness and achieve the organisational create corporate profiling campaigns alongside integrated PR campaigns, get in touch using our contact page, or call us directly. 

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