What to Look for In a PR Agency Outside of London

Are you wondering what to look for in a PR agency outside of London? Location no longer matters, and gone are the days where proximity to media publishers mattered.  What really counts is if a PR agency has the experience, pedigree and passion to work for your business or brand.

London agencies can be just as inexperienced as anyone else, often lacking in credentials, or maybe not having the drive or the passion for your brand. Our advice is to shop around and think about Northshoring, which we have written about in other blog posts on this site.

When choosing a creative PR agency outside of the capital it’s important to seek out the very best and the good news is that you are spoiled for choice, as there are pockets of excellence in every UK city, most notably Manchester and Edinburgh, which is rammed with award winning public relations talent. Agencies like ours are multi award winning with recognition from the CIPR, PRCA, PRMoment and AMEC.

Agencies outside of the M25 have great credentials

Experience and credentials are key to appointing a PR supplier and most of the better PR consultancies outside of the M25 will have some great case studies and experience to suit your brand.  Simply ask us or any other agency for a credentials document and we’d be delighted to tell you about our relevant, award winning work.  Check out our case studies for the likes of Decathlon and Rada and ask us to tell you about our unique, strategic take on PR.

Not only are there experienced PR agencies throughout the UK but there are pockets of real innovation too. Take our measurement team and its world class approach to measurement and evaluation, which has been internationally recognised by AMEC.

A big differentiator is the passion and hard work that a PR agency outside of London can offer. More often than not, if a business is willing to shop around outside of the capital then you’ll find agencies that would be proud to work for your brand and would put in a real shift to get the job done. Time and time again I have seen clients come to us who are sick of being just another notch on the bedpost of larger London based consultancies. International agencies can be too big and bloated and not always the place to go to get the best support.

The final, but far from inconsequential, point is cost.  Yes, budgets go further outside of London. Salaries are a little lower and so are rents which mean that, yes you guessed it, fees are lower too. Not only can you find award winning talent outside of the M25 but you’ll be able to get it cheaper. It’s a classic win win.

We’d happily go toe to toe with any PR agency in the world so if you are shopping around for a PR firm outside of London then do get in touch via:

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