So you want your website to be visible in Google search – go kill a lion

Killing a lion is not a good PR or SEO strategy. My title is clickbait. Sorry about that… but I do want to make a very valid point: could doing something utterly stupid actually have an unintended consequence and improve organic search?  Unfortunately, I think it can do.

We have seen people like Protein World follow a negative PR strategy for SEO gain as my chum Andy Barr recently summarised.

But how can such a thing happen? Surely Google is more intelligent than this?

You know, sometimes lion 2people forget that despite the human race’s achievements we overlook the fact that the world is actually held together by rubber bands and sticky tape.


With this in mind, today I thought I would have a look at the lion murdering dentist’s website because I was curious to see if there could be any unintended consequence from all the negative press coverage.


What has happened to his reputation?

Most PR people wouldn’t argue that Walter Palmer’s reputation has taken a battering in recent days. He’s had death threats, faced internet protests and is probably hated as much as much as Vladimir Putin right now.


The tawdry truth is that all this press coverage has also secured millions of pages of editorial both online and in print. It’s not the type of coverage I’d ever want to receive. Ever. Not even if I was daft enough to believe the “all publicity is good publicity” doctrine.


But the public have short memories. Today’s headlines are tomorrow’s fish and chip paper..


What has happened to his search visibility?

Sadly, according to Majestic SEO, his dental practice’s website has received good quality and trusted links from The Washington Post, Cnet, The Star, Vice and 26 other places in the past few days.  Here is a link to the links which I have pasted into Pastebin.


I have not gone through every link on the list below as this is a quick “throw an idea out there” blog post and I am guessing there might be a few I would disavow but here is a list of the links if you want to see it. If anyone wants to do a more detailed analysis I will happily updated this blog with their thoughts. I have also not linked to the articles in question because I don’t want to pass any “Page Rank” onto these articles and then onto the dentist’s site.


What does Searchmetrics tell us about his website’s search visibility?

I thought I’d run the site through Searchmetrics and it looks like the trigger happy dentist has seen an big increase in search visibility over the past week (although his site was pretty poor visibility wise before this last week).


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 11.08.54

What’s is the tl;dr? (a “too long did, not read” summary)

The tl;dr is that while the dentist’s reputation is in tatters, he has ironically earned some value from an SEO perspective. This website will be more visible in search than it ever has before. Long after this story blows over, if someone rebuilds that website (because it’s not very well designed) they will benefit from some good quality links.


Surely Google needs to look at sentiment more closely rather than focusing so much on links?

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