It’s Christmas – The Top Twitter Feeds List 2009


Here is an over view of my top ten Twitter feeds of 2009. This is a completely arbitrary list of my own making and I welcome any suggestions of additions in the comments section of this blog. I might open this up and include more Twitter users, and as you can see I am undecided on number 10.

1 – If you care about the world as we know it, then @newscientist is for you. Their coverage of the Copenhagen climate talks were a breath of fresh air. I’m no scientist but their coverage is always refreshing.

2 – @theeconomist forget boring features on fiscal policy, keynesian economics and Milton Friedman’s monetarism. The Economist brings to life why economics matters. As does @freakonomics

3 – If you care about crap journalism then @tabloidwatch is for you as is @badjournalism

4 – @Bloggerheads and @wikileaks are perfect for those interested in the dirty underbelly of media. Wikileaks can get a little dark for me…

5 – For random acts of internet giving you can’t beat @popurls, @shitmydadsays. Oh and then there is @thedailydust

6 – For everything social media @econsultancy is up there with the best. It’s not easy reading like Mashable but it certainly is a thought leader

7 – Forget Obama @jonprescott is clearly the number one politician on Twitter. You might not like his views but can’t argue with his application of technology which is open, honest and direct.

8 – If, like me, you like to keep up to date with what is happening in the US, the The Huff Post is great reading. @huffingtonPost . The same goes for @time

9 – @boingboing is the work of genius. Uncategorisable brilliance. Maybe this is an obvious choice as it is one of the biggest blogs in the world and nearly didn’t make it onto the list for that reason. However I do love it so…

10 – ? I can’t think of a ten. So I am opening it up to suggestions. What Twitter feed should I be following? Answers on a postcard please.

I have deliberately missed of the big Twitter hitters because with a little Google Searching it is very easy to find the likes of @mashable, @scoblizer @guykawasaki @techcrunch, @bbcnews etc as there are plenty of posts on the most popular Twitter feeds.

I also haven’t included any Twitter users focusing on my home town of Manchester, because so many readers of this blog are from further afield

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