You may have heard of the Twitter hashtag #journorequest, which journalists and PRs alike use as a tool to find stories or case studies. They are often really helpful, making us aware of features they’re working on and even resulting in coverage for our clients – but there are many requests along the way that make us laugh and sometimes despair. They can sometimes be incredibly broad, and sometimes very, very niche… to provide some light relief for journalist and PRs everywhere, here are some of the funniest requests we’ve seen:

  1. “Need a lady who has had sexual experience with a ghost. £500. Serious request but feel free to RT if you find funny #journorequest”
  2. “Looking for former #cruiseship workers willing to chat about having an on board romance with fellow crew members #journorequest”
  3. “Urgently looking for a reindeer expert… if they exist? #journorequest
  4. “Ever gotten frisky with someone at a family Xmas do/dinner and been caught in the laundry room with your pants down while getting head? Or something like that? Holla at me. Preferably no incest stories, but who am I to judge. #journorequest”
  5. “Looking for #couples to reveal their pet names for each other in a fun piece #journorequest”
  6. “Hello FRIENDS! I am looking for case studies of people who have had #sex in public, a club or a pub. #journorequest”
  7. “Straight vets in Scotland who reluctantly climb, trying to contact you for a radio show, ta! #journorequest”
  8. “Bit weird when a #journorequest for ‘sex tips for the over 70s’ prompts a brainstorming session in the office.”
  9. “I need a talented, funny male writer with a full motorbike licence – urgently! (This is not a dating request) #journorequest”
  10. “men: have you ever had a cringe/funny experience with a sex toy? DM me #journorequest will keep anonymous”
  11. “Have you had a disastrous threesome? Would you like me to write about it for a widely-read popular newspaper? GET IN TOUCH! #journorequest”
  12. “#journorequest where’s good to go out in Camden?”
  13. “Ever taken a sickie? I’m collecting anecdotes for a piece I’m working on. Please email me your stories funny or frustrating. Did you hate your boss? Have concert tickets? Have to come up with a big lie? I can keep you ANONYMOUS! #journorequest”
  14. “Guys, send me your funny festival sex stories? the weirder the better plz and anon is obviously fine. (it is for an article – not just personal pleasure) #journorequest
  15. “I need funny Brexit dating stories. Are you the Romeo and Juliet of the leaver/remainer world? #journorequest”
  16. “Need mums to share funny/honest parenting ‘guilty’ secrets e.g I skip pages during bedtime stories. Completely anon. #journorequest”
  17. “Any social workers had Xmas celebration disasters because of bad risk assessment? Funny or tragic stories wanted. #journorequest”
  18. “Ever had a funny experience in a sex shop, choosing vibrators etc or ordering sexcessories online – as a customer, or staff? Contact me in confidence. #JournoRequest”
  19. “#journorequest I’m writing a piece around sex with robots. Is there anyone out there who has an opinion around this?”
  20. “Slide into my DMs if you’ve ever had sex with a Ukipper #journorequest”


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