The Blog Paper, nearly a brilliant idea

The Blog Paper is a new online publication with a difference: it aims to print the best postings every month in a bona fide publication. It is very nearly a brilliant idea.

I love its premise of taking the best content from the Blogosphere and turning it into a magazine.

Some might say the concept of printing the very best blogs goes against the blogosphere’s bedrock principles of immediacy and shareability and ‘social networking’. Others will say that by taking the publication into print, the Blog Paper is paradoxically mirroring the media that ‘online’ is supposed to replace and the content will be ‘old news’ by the time the publication hits the streets.

However, while I recognise this argument, I really like the concept. Call me old fashioned, but I like to read from good old paper. In this intermediate period, between the predicted demise of printed publications and the time when we will all own handheld electronic reading devices, the Blog Paper has a great proposition.

If The Blog Paper is successful in printing its first edition, it will also expose thousands of people to blogs new content.

So, why is it not a brilliant idea? It is good, but not brilliant. Well, the publication is only available in London. I know start up costs will be tight, but I am sure someone somewhere would distribute it in Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow too.

It would also nudge closer to brilliance if uploading onto this site was easier. As it stands I think it takes a lot longer than I am used to with Posterous, RSS Feeds or the WordPress publicise tool, which lets you email content. If this glitch was improved upon then I think the site would become incredibly popular.

I hope the Blog Paper does well. I can’t wait to see its first printed edition! Maybe someone will post one to me?

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