Liverpool ‘Crisis’ Star Deletes His Tweets #lfc

Ryan Babel Deletes Twitter Account

Liverpool are in crisis

This morning it looked like Ryan Babel, the multimillion pound superstar footballer who plays for Liverpool FC had deleted his Twitter account after publicly criticising his manager, Rafa Benitez.

The page was taken off line for a few hours and now has reappeared without the offending tweets. In fact there are no tweets older than one hour.

I was going to write a short post on how football clubs should handle football stars and their Twitter feeds, but now I think the fact that Ryan has deleted his account is even more amusing!

You can find his Twitter feed here Twitter account.

I’m guessing he is knee deep in trouble. Ryan is probably in less trouble than his manager who seems to be cracking up again and reeling off facts.

For anyone who is disappointed at Babel’s page being taken down, you can read his inane Tweets in full. find them here

Ryan, a word in your ear. It is not your Twitter account that is the problem. Try engaging your brain before speaking.

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