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Curation of the news is one of the most exciting innovations on the internet.  The internet is an enlightening place to keep up to date with current affairs and news, but now with news curation sites we can access, sort, consume and share thousands of news sources from around the world.


Fernando Rizo, a digital PR chap at Ketchum who I’ve met and respect, says he thinks that Google Reader is everything he could ever need.  See his post:  

However, I think I need my news in a more consumable format, so here are my three favourite ways to consume news (in no particular order):



The site recommends top content from all the main international sites, networks and blogs and aggregates it for you.  OK, so the content is far too US centric, but I find the layout excellent and the content engaging.  I’m also fascinated by the US, so the nature of the content doesn’t bother me.  It also presents images and video in a simple and visual way.


– is tremendous and above is a link to my Alltop list.  The great thing about Alltop is the user can choose the news sites and blogs from which they want updates.  The site also makes sharing incredibly easy.  One criticism is that if a user only turned to their profile for news then they might never find out what is happening on, say Fox News, or another media channel, which they wouldn’t normally give a second glance.  



Twitter Times is a bit clunky still, but I love the way it curates news from my Twitter Network and provides it in an engaging way.  I can also see uses for this for my clients, say for example internal communications (for example a way for an MD to keep his staff up to speed on industry topics).  I also think Twitter Times is an intriguing insight into a person and their network.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has any better sites, or other curation tools which they think are more useful, or just different.

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