Foursquare for business?

This presentation focuses on what Foursquare can do for business.

[slideshare id=2036238&doc=foursquare-for-businesses-v12-090921194537-phpapp02]

Don’t be distracted by the game element of Foursquare (which is discussed in the early slides) which put me off it at first. Instead I’m focusing on what it can do for business.

I think Foursquare will be big when it eventually launches in Manchester and the rest of the UK.

It will be useful for all sorts of leisure sector businesses, pubs, clubs, shopping centres restaurants. It might also be useful for other businesses but it is too early to tell.

From a user perspective the real value is from all the great information and tips you can get and share with your network and contacts.

As a leisure or travel sector business, encouraging customers to participate through PR and Marketing would be essential. This is where the game element helps….

From a media perspective it will be interesting to see if media organisations such as Manchester Confidential, or Time Out embrace it or fight it.

I’ll be blogging more on Foursquare as I get to grips with it.

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