opens up its curation offer is doing something interesting.

Previously in beta test, the site could be used to curate tweets into bundles.

The site was useful but very niche. What’s more I couldn’t see how in its current format it could aquire enough users to create a successful business model.

However, the site’s latest development sounds much more useful. What’s more I can see how they could drive revenue from it.

Here’s the update they sent out today:

Welcome to the new!

Make sure you head over to today and check out what’s new!

Login to your account here: was developed as a tool that allowed you to curate the best tweets into topic based streams. Today we’re turning it into a place, that let’s you follow the topics you are interested in and create and share your own topics with everyone else.

As part of this process, we are moving away from being a pure Twitter curation tool and instead of just allowing you to curate tweets, you will be able to curate any information into your bundles from tomorrow on

Interesting don’t you think?

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