Andy Crane and Gordon Burns to fight it out on Twitter

Andy Crane, presenter of Channel M news, (Manchester’s TV station) has competition for his crown as the North West media’s premier Twitter user.  Gordon Burns, who most Brits of a certain age will forever remember as THE host of the Krypton Factor, now anchors North West Tonight and today launched his Twitter feed with much fanfare.

Andy (with over 2,000 followers) and Gordon (300 followers odd in one day of use) are now going to face off in a Twitter duel.  A duel that, admittedly, I have just made up and is a figment of my sometimes overactive, fertile imagination.

OK, so the two big men of Manchester media are not going to fight it out, and I am guessing in our cosy media community here in Manchester that Andy and Gordon are probably good friends, and meet at Sam’s Chop House to compare Weather Girls…

What this silly construct gave me was a chance to create a neat link into a (very) short discourse on hyper local PR, which might have been too boring for you to read other wise…

It seems to me that people like Gordon Burns and Andy Crane are leading the way into an era of untold media access; if Twitter is breaking news in the regional media then it really is now a part of the mainstream.

I think it is great to see two journalists leading the way who “have been there and done it” on national media platforms.   My mum will be on Twitter soon, asking Andy and Gordon questions, finding out what is on the show and other minutiae which will get keep her and their other viewers hooked.

Now when I get a DM from my Mum demanding that I visit her soon I will know that Twitter has “done a Facebook” and made the mainstream.  I don’t think that time is very far away now.

Gents I salute you! (@andycrane64 and @gordonburnsnwt)

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2 Responses

  1. Jon Welsh says:

    Once Gordon Burns moves, the rest follow. How long before Lucy Meacock responds?

  2. James Crawford says:

    Jon, this is a question for you to put to Meacock. Rumour has it that she has already poo pooed Twitter and is backing Friend Feed.

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