Is TikTok a search engine?

The debate over whether Tiktok is a search engine continues to rage. Over the past twelve months, I’ve searched on TikTok for “how to make a gratin,” “Things to do in Collioure,” and “how to varnish a door” and found the results much better than Google or YouTube. While some of the searches were more […]

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Sofar Sounds at PR Agency One


A night to remember… Following a night on the town celebrating a double win at the PRMoment Awards, PR Agency One shook off the heavy heads to open its doors to 50 members of the public who were excitedly arriving in Chorlton for a night of new music. Three months earlier, Account Manager, Jenny, had […]

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Influencer marketing: how to separate fact from fiction

Getting organised with work

In 2018 influencer marketing and outreach now features heavily on most client PR briefs, demand for this niche is driven by marketing media and bloggers who are posting about the effectiveness of this supposedly ‘new’ way of marketing.   But despite the huge demand for influencer campaigns, there is still so much misinformation out there […]

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7 Top Tips for New Quora Users

Robert Scoble recently posted about Quora being the biggest blogging phenomenon in the last ten years and since then I’ve had lots of new followers and there seems to be much more activity on the site. I’ve blogged about Quora before and I love the site as it is a great way to find out […]

Read More opens up its curation offer is doing something interesting. Previously in beta test, the site could be used to curate tweets into bundles. The site was useful but very niche. What’s more I couldn’t see how in its current format it could aquire enough users to create a successful business model. However, the site’s latest development sounds much more […]

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Google Social Search makes Networking Even More Important

I have been banging on about the importance of having a Google Profile for some time now, as it means that your blogs, images and other content can be profiled in your contacts’ Google Search results. For the past few months I’ve been asking colleagues and friends if they’d noticed their contacts’ social content (e.g. […]

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I like Cliqset ( @Cliqset )

Techcrunch made an interesting announcement today about Cliqset. I’m loving Cliqset ( and want to give it more love. I think if a developer creates a good client for it, (like Tweetdeck) then I could use it more and more and more. Without a client I think it is pretty damn good too, so give […]

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Foursquare for business?

This presentation focuses on what Foursquare can do for business. [slideshare id=2036238&doc=foursquare-for-businesses-v12-090921194537-phpapp02] Don’t be distracted by the game element of Foursquare (which is discussed in the early slides) which put me off it at first. Instead I’m focusing on what it can do for business. I think Foursquare will be big when it eventually launches […]

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My favourite news curation sites

Curation of the news is one of the most exciting innovations on the internet.  The internet is an enlightening place to keep up to date with current affairs and news, but now with news curation sites we can access, sort, consume and share thousands of news sources from around the world.   Fernando Rizo, a […]

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