Why PR and SEO Are More Similar Than you Might Think

SEO and PR are more similar than you think. Before you scoff at this suggestion please hear me out.

Ask the really serious practitioners of SEO about their discipline and most will say that for good search engine visibility, a business needs great onsite content that is interesting, newsworthy and sharable.

Take, for example, Rand Fishkin, one of the biggest SEO authorities on the planet right now. He’s a great example of the ‘content is king’ ethos. He recently was asked:

What is the single best piece of SEO advice?  He responded saying:

“Create a site, service, product or hook that has a natural, viral feedback component accessible to search engines (via links, embeds, badges, incentives to share, etc). Make it repeatable and compelling”.

For me, creating content that is naturally viral, newsworthy and sharable is exactly what a PR consultancy should do. To this end, the difference between what a PR and SEO practitioner is negligible.  I’d go even further too.  I’d say SEO and PR is converging.

To illustrate this point further, take a look at Rand’s most recent ‘SEO and Social ‘ presentation, which I have embedded below. It goes to show that if a company takes social media seriously their ‘social signal’ can provide their business with a head start against any competitor which chooses to ignore the medium.

Take a look and if you want to discuss how PR can work harder for you from an SEO perspective then get in touch.

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