‘Six of the best’ at SAScon 2012

Peter Cobley, the commercial director of hômejames and a founder of SAScon, the search analytics and social media conference, has written this great post on what to expect at the event. We are speaking on the PR and SEO panel and can’t wait for the event on the 17-18 May. And it’s not too late to buy a […]

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Why PR and SEO Are More Similar Than you Might Think

SEO and PR are more similar than you think. Before you scoff at this suggestion please hear me out. Ask the really serious practitioners of SEO about their discipline and most will say that for good search engine visibility, a business needs great onsite content that is interesting, newsworthy and sharable. Take, for example, Rand Fishkin, […]

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A Quick Case Study in Using PR Content for SEO

Econsultancy is undertaking an experiment to see what happens if its readers link to their latest internet marketing strategy paper, which is available for free on its website. I will be blogging more about this subject on the blog of my new Manchester PR agency, PR Agency One. The blog encourages its readers to link […]

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What is the best SEO secret that you know? PR of course

I just read this comment from Rand Fishkin, the CEO & Co-Founder of and it reads like the best advert for public relations ever. He’s basically saying his biggest SEO secret is public relations. He made the comment on Quora in response to the following question: ‘what is the best SEO secret that you […]

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8 reasons to chose integrated PR companies

PR Agency One winning the Small Agency of the Year Award

The link between SEO and PR is nothing new but recently everyone’s still talking about. This is especially so at PR companies like PR Agency One. More and more public relations and optimisation consultancies are starting to truly understand the interrelation between the two disciplines, although there are lots of consultancies who talk the talk but […]

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