What a day!

What a day! My little baby Armand Eric Harry Crawford was born. I was shortlisted in 72 Point’s Name and Fame list: And, last but not least, Liverpool lost yesterday, which could deny them Champions League football next year. Result. All this success and it is only lunchtime…

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Toyota Product Recall Google Ads

Toyota is using Google adverts to channel communication about their product recall. This screen shot was taken from What is different from other product recall advertisements is that this example is promoting Toyota’s news page on their site which is giving out the latest updates on the crisis. It could be an attempt to […]

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PR Week interview with @gordonkelly

I thought this was a rather friendly look at the PR / journalist relationship. I’m going to phone Gordon now and see if he is still in a good mood. Update: The video mentioned used Flash, so we have removed the original post content. You can find more from Gordon Kelly here: Pitching to journalists with […]

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Swine flu statisitics. It is all in the presentation

  This is a great image. Not only does the graphic illustrate how panic and fear can cause us humans to become irrational, but also how a stunning and eye catching diagram can bring a story to life. Too often are fascinating statistics presented in uninteresting ways. If you can’t see the image well on […]

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Not enough hours in a day to blog?

“Time and tide waits for no man,” so the saying goes, and nowhere are man hours more precious than in the world of work, where the management of seconds, minutes and hours has become a science. So the following guide is useful: – when encouraging clients to use social media – for consultancies trying to […]

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