April 2022’s Top PR stunts

April tends to be a hotbed of PR creativity, with April Fool’s Day an opportune moment to share playful takes on products or seed some fictitious fun. This year was certainly no exception and we spotted some good (and questionable) brand attempts to get people talking about them. Here are some of our personal favourites.

Deliveroo bans pineapple on pizza

To kick things off with a good April Fool’s Day prank, Deliveroo made the hilarious move of banning the heavily debated option of pineapple on pizza from their orders. With the support of some of their most notable Italian restaurant partners such as Pizza Express, Bella Italia and more, the food-delivery service took a stand and refused to accept the problematic food combo, but only for a day.

Tango’s takeaways in a can

From the debated to the downright wrong, for their April Fool joke, Tango released three new flavours for their fizzy soft drink. Fizz and Chips, Carbonated Chicken, and Citrus Gravy make up the trio of bizarre flavours on offer, taking inspiration from some of Britain’s favourite takeaway foods.

Ikea’s Easter Chocolate Flat-packs

IKEA got into the Easter mood by releasing some delicious sweet treats if consumers were willing to put them together themselves. The flat-pack chocolate packs were designed as flat pieces of chocolate, that when slid together form a delicious Easter bunny, with the body, ears and feet making up the pieces. Even more impressive is the chocolate used was made with certified cacao from sustainable sources.

Colman’s Scotch Easter Egg

It wasn’t just IKEA that was getting in the mood for Easter, Colman decided the best way to celebrate was to put a unique savoury twist on a sweet snack with their world’s first Scotch Easter Egg. The brand partnered up with UK butchers to distribute the “egg”, which was essentially a larger scotch egg with the usual pork filling changed to lamb instead. They even came with their own mint sauce for dipping. The limited edition scotch eggs were made from locally sourced produce.

Barbie release a new doll to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Moving away from Easter, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee has been a popular talking point for many Brits, and not just because of the bank holidays. To celebrate 70 years of service, toy manufacturer Mattel decided to create a Barbie doll in the Queen’s image. The doll was released to the public on the day of her 96th birthday, and features various clothing and accessory options. Most amusing.

As expected, April was a very good month for PR stunts making it difficult to decide which would make our shortlist. Topical and event-driven humour are nearly always sure-fire ways of getting people talking, as well as introducing a bizarre product to go along with it. This month saw a lot of fun, unique twists on well-known products and services and is a great example of popular brands being creative with their marketing, turning heads and generating discussion.

If you missed our run-through of last month’s best stunts, take a look at the best PR stunts in March 2022 here. Otherwise, get in touch and find out how we could elevate your brand to the masses.

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