PR Agency One visits Man Utd Carrington training ground with YMCA Training

Not every job helps make childhood dreams come true, but that happened today when PR Agency One’s Michael Davies and Lucy Moore got to spend a few hours at Manchester United’s famed Carrington training ground to talk to the Premier League side about its apprenticeship programme and partnership with YMCA Training – how many other places would you get to do something like that?

(To be clear, this was more Michael’s childhood dream rather than Lucy, who is a Leeds fan but enjoyed the visit as well)

The work being done by the club and the charity is great to see and it was obvious from talking to the horticulture apprentices (who have the enviable job of looking after Man Utd’s playing pitches at Carrington and Old Trafford) are really benefitting from their experience.

But there was no way we could send two members of staff to such a famous place without shouting about it a bit especially as our MD James Crawford – who is also a massive Utd fan – wasn’t invited (sorry James)

So here’s a behind the scenes look at PR Agency One taking over Utd’s training pitch for day.

The Carrington complex is out in the middle of nowhere but once you get past the guardrail and navigate the long road down, the centre is something to behold.

Many famous faces have passed through these doors. Jose Mourinho, Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney among them.

PR Agency One MD James Crawford will just have to wait a bit longer (sorry again James)

 Aon Training Complex

Lucy and Michael even took to 1st team training field during their visit. Unfortunately none of the 1st were there to have a kick about with – we suspect they heard we were coming and didn’t want to embarrassed…or not

ManUtd pitch 

Plus (and this is a bit of a football nerd moment) Michael got to stand in a Man Utd goal graced by the team’s first choice goalkeeper (he’s awaiting the call to join the first team)

ManUtd 1st team training goal

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  1. Janette Hird says:

    Go Luce. This must have made you cringe!. MOT xxx

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