Why PR agencies deliver press office services for brands and businesses in 2023

A press office service provided by a PR agency is an invaluable asset to any business to build a brand and establish a reputation. But for some reason, the public relations industry doesn’t regard them as important as perhaps their clients do.

Press offices provide corporate and consumer communications support to companies, helping them to construct and disseminate their messages effectively, often, but not exclusively via the national, broadcast and trade media.

The PR agency acts on behalf of the client and is also vital for maintaining relationships with media outlets, ensuring that reliable and accurate information is provided when needed.

It seems odd that over time and in a search to find relevance in the digital age, the press office has been much maligned by the PR agency industry, yet they are still very much in demand by clients.

If you speak to a PR agency, they might often underplay their press office work and instead showcase their big creative case studies and award-winning work. It is also worth noting that there are no industry awards for great press office work and it is seen that it is very much “just the day job.”

Strangely, press offices are often downplayed in this way, but they really are the unsung hero of most PR agencies. Most modern agencies are now confidently multidisciplinary and offer digital, social and media relations all under one roof. Press office services are becoming increasingly important as they provide tailored support to ensure that a company’s message is heard by the right audiences and channels. If a message is right for a journalist, then a version of that can easily be crafted for social media or owned media channels.

Press officers can also use social listening to learn what people are saying about their company, so they know how to plan their media relations. This helps them make sure their messages reach the right people.

They also use social listening to see what people are saying about a company, so they know how to target and spread their messages. Press office messaging can help companies create content for their own websites, blogs and social media channels.  Content that started its life as press office content soon can become YouTube videos or TikTok shorts, especially when a media story is designed to ‘be sharable across the PESO mix.

Once we think of press offices working across the PESO mix, we start to get a better picture of why press office services have never been more relevant.

So, press offices are relevant in the digital age. Tell me more

PR professionals play an important role in helping companies select and utilise the right PESO channels, as well as managing and maintaining relationships with the media.

Press offices also provide support in crafting content that is tailored to company branding and target audiences, helping to ensure that communication is effective and coherent throughout the organisations. PR professionals are more aware of the changing mood of public opinion and how it is reflected within the media landscape, which means they can better assist companies in navigating the complex and ever-evolving landscape ensuring that journalists write well-informed, accurate and positive content about a client

Ultimately, press office services are essential for any business looking to develop and maintain its reputation and brand and build strong relationships with the media and external audiences. PR agencies provide tailored advice throughout the communications process, helping to ensure that companies are able to effectively reach the right audiences.

A press office function might include unglamorous but important tasks. if done well they can result in reputation-defining press coverage and other outcomes. If done badly, a company’s reputation can be in tatters in minutes. This is why it is so important to work with the right partner.

The type of organisation that will rigorously undertake:

  • Press releases
  • Press briefings
  • Case studies
  • Press statements
  • Interviews and Q&As with key spokespeople
  • Feature articles and opinion pieces
  • Media plans and editorial calendars
  • Reports on media coverage/content analysis and media monitoring
  • Advice on avoiding public relations disasters
  • Crisis management plans in the event of a PR disaster.
  • Media training

What are the pros and cons of a PR agency running a brand’s press office?


  • Helps build a brand and establish a reputation
  • Crafts content tailored to company branding and target audiences
  • Provides support in navigating the media landscape, ensuring accurate and positive coverage of a client
  • Can help effectively reach desired audiences.


  • There is a danger that a press office team doesn’t think about the wider PESO mix
  • An agency has less access to the c-suite than an internal team might
  • More complex messages may be difficult for press offices to craft for social media or owned channels.
  • Relationships with media outlets need to be maintained to ensure reliable information from press offices is provided when needed.

The role of the press office in 2023 – a summary

In light of the fact that press office services are so beneficial to businesses, it is interesting that PR agencies don’t see them as being important. From constructing and disseminating messages to maintaining relationships with media outlets, press offices provided by PR agencies play a vital role in helping companies effectively communicate with the public.

If you’re interested in obtaining a press office service for your business, please don’t hesitate to call us or visit our website www.pragencyone.co.uk for more information.

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