The Sunday Times. Links 15.11.09

Here are a few interesting stories from The Sunday Times (yes, Rupert, I did buy a copy).

Tories to cut licence fee and niche BBC channels (it is interesting to see this position now that The Sun is backing The Conservatives. Has a deal beeb done?)

Media law continues to make it easy for practitioners of the ‘dark arts’ of PR and Marketing, while at the same time putting publishers under too much pressure. (See my previous post on media law, which was featured on Social Media Today)

Obama visits China this week. The backdrop to this story goes beyond the relationship of the two superpowers and will also showcase the latest situation on internet censorship. Will Chinese bloggers be censored?

Palin is back! American satire hasn’t been the same since she went underground. I am sure this book will be full of material.

Europe is wealthier than the United States (So there has never been a better time for The Tories to be farting around with fringe far-right groups, has there?)

How to monitise your blog, according to the Sex Blogger

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