The Best PR Stunts of June 2022

As the month that officially kickstarts summer, June can also signal the start of ‘silly season’ in the media as PRs and journalists go on holiday and leave those left covering the news desk scrabbling for stories. This leads to a rise in questionable and sometimes quality PR stunts as brands get more adventurous.

Here’s our pick of the last month’s best examples of creative PR stunts.

The Helmet Hair Salon – Beauty PR stunt

It’s the law for cyclists to wear a helmet on the road, whether it be motorbikes or bicycles, but what are you supposed to do about your hair afterwards? It’s more of a problem than you might think, with four in five riders leaving their helmets off to avoid a ‘bad hair day.’

While it might be a nightmare to keep your hair neat and stylish on the road, it’s no excuse for ignoring safety, so what can be done about it?

Lime Bikes, an eco-friendly electric bike and scooter provider decided to come up with its own solution, a pop-up Helmet Hair Salon. They partnered up with Blue Tit Salons in London, and put together a salon for free helmet hair touch-ups so that riders stayed safe and stylish.

One of the keys to the success of PR is addressing a problem or gap in the market, which is something that Lime did brilliantly by drawing attention to a problem and providing a solution in a clever way, and who wouldn’t love a free salon experience.

Wolf Blass’ Game Of Thrones Prequel Wine – brand partnership stunt

Sometimes the best form of PR is a partnership between popular consumer goods providers and an equally popular media franchise.

The immensely famous, fantasy-genre series Game Of Thrones saw the end of its TV adaptation with an eighth and final season, leaving diehard fans wanting more. Luckily, a spin-off prequel series exploring the history of the fantasy world was quickly put into development and will be released this year.

To mark the occasion, winemaker Wolf Blass has created a “House of the Dragon: Fire & Blood Cabernet Shiraz” The new wine is a limited edition and will be available in all major UK retailers in August. It also has three distinct and collectable labels too.

British Bee Charity’s ‘Growin Atkinson’ – Gardening PR stunt

To promote the newest Netflix sitcom series “Man Vs Bee”, starring Rowan Atkinson, the British Bee Charity commissioned life-size ‘Growin Atkinson’ sculptures filled with flowers perfect for bee pollen.

Three sculptures were created and placed outside St Paul’s Cathedral, not just promoting the sitcom, but the wider issue the series tackles regarding bee conservation. Whilst beekeeping has been on the rise, especially in urban areas like London’s City Centre, many bee species still face extinction within heavily populated UK cities.

While the natural habitats of bees may struggle to be a top priority for many, it doesn’t take away from how important it is, especially when considering the role bees play in the environment, not just for flowers but crops too.

This was a great example of creating something unique, that tackles a societal issue, in addition to utilising a celebrity to draw in some coverage.

DeadHappy- ‘Tombstone taxi’ – insurance PR stunt

On a slightly more morbid note, life insurance provider DeadHappy aimed to improve the attitude towards death whilst also getting a free ride across Leeds and Newcastle. The deal was a free ride to anyone that would have a deep and meaningful conversation about death, in order to prompt the discussion around a frequently avoided topic.

As for the taxi itself, members of the public were getting into a 22-foot 1974 Cadillac Miller Meteor hearse with DeadHappy branding across it. Of course, the driver was also dressed as an undertaker. In addition to the taxi, 10 small tombstones were scattered across both cities, featuring other things that can be ‘grieved’ but don’t hold the same stigma to talk about. Examples included a sense of adventure or one’s own dignity.

This was an alternative way of generating some discussion around a topic that many may feel uncomfortable talking or even thinking about. Combining this with a photogenic vehicle and free rides for consumers and you have a good PR stunt.

June was a successful start to a summer of eye-catching PR stunts. As usual, they hit all the right notes for a memorable stunt, whether they were drawing attention to popular TV shows, addressing societal issues, or encouraging conversation on some touchy topics, each one hit the mark in some way by creating something real to get some positive media attention.

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