Snapple’s Melting Mess PR Stunt

It isn’t a brainstorm at a PR agency if somebody doesn’t suggest the ingenious idea of creating the biggest or the smallest version of a product as a PR stunt now is it?


When soft drink company Snapple sat down sat down to discuss plans for the summer of 2005 and decided Guinness world record attempt for the “World’s Largest Ice Pop” would be a good idea, they didn’t consider one tiny, insignificant factor… mother nature.


The stunt turned into a bit of a mess when the 35,000 lb ice pop melted on a hot summer day in New York causing a kiwi-strawberry tidal wave and several minor injuries were reported.

Why is this a bad example? While the activity generated lots of coverage for the brand, most journalists highlighted how poorly the idea was executed, rather than talking about Snapple’s new product…and no, not all PR is good PR.

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