Fernando Rizo is the Head of Digital at a PR agency called Ketchum.  I met him today at a PRCA event and he talks a lot of sense.

I am sure he’ll correct me if I get the details wrong here, but he is the man behind a campaign in America which saw Stride Gum try to stop German director Uwe Boll from producing film franchises based on video games.

I think we can all safely say this genre is crap but his films are nothing to lose any sleep over.  To gamers, however, a poor film franchise can kill all that was good and great about their Nintendo-packed-pastime.

If the petition gets to a million Uwe has said that he will never make another film again.

The motivation for Stride Gum, of course, was publicity in one of the biggest blogging communities on the internet – gaming.  And I am sure that there were cinematic reasons too.

There are more details here:

I not only love this campaign for its simplicity but for the brave way the Stride Gum bit the bullet without fear of a lawsuit.

It was also fascinating because the case study reaffirmed three key things and gave me a greater focus.  These points were:

1. Beg, borrow and steal your audience.  In Stride Gums’ case the gaming communities (but don’t do a Habitat and hijack the Iran Elections).

2. Topicality is king.  Even for corporate blogs topicality, speed of reaction and quick stunts can pay dividends.  You don’t need to have a “wacky” theme like with Uwe Boll.

3.  Find your niche and rinse it!  Don’t dabble in a Facebook page here, a Twitter account there.  Find one tactic and make it the best out there.

Visit Fernando’s blog @

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  1. James, I’m flattered by this post. Glad you liked the talk

    I would be remiss if I didn’t point out one inaccuracy here: for me personally to take the credit for the Uwe Boll stunt would be wrong. That particular gem was thought up by my then-teammate Josh Shabtai, who is currently the head of marketing for a mobile startup called Vringo.

    Cheers, buddy.

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