Ralph Lauren – the story continues

If you have read my blog recently you will have seen that I have been following the Ralph Lauren PR ‘crisis.’

Now it seems that things are going from bad to worse, with Boing Boing reporting that the model in question has been sacked:


On the face of things the latest state of affairs seems like a PR crisis.  But is it?  Do fashionistas TRULY care about the size issue?  After all Karl Lagerfeld has recently said, “Only fat, potato chip-eating moms hate thin models”.  And there hasn’t really been much outrage in the conventional media either.

Unconsciously do Ralph Lauren customers, and fashion lovers in general I hasten to add, feel thinner when they purchase the brand’s clothes because, “if they fit into a nice designer outfit then they must be as thin as a model”?

This is a far too complicated an idea to get my head around, but I can see it working as an unspoken machination of the fashion industry.  It’s a dangerous line to tread though.

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  1. Alia says:

    isn’t this news old? i thought it ended RL said they were sorry and wont do it again now the know they did something wrong. it’s true to many woman and teens and even little girls are dying to be thineven i was a some point but even we know that was to thin.

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