Eight months in the industry: my thoughts as a graduate working in PR

Charlotte Greenwood – PR Account Executive

I joined PR Agency One as a Junior Account Executive back in November 2019, as a member of the b2b and corporate team. I was quickly welcomed into the agency and placed on accounts across the fitness, tech, retail, transport, and manufacturing sectors.

I had never worked in public relations before and I had only done two weeks of work experience at a large financial PR firm in Central London prior to working with the Manchester-based agency.

When I was job-hunting, I liked the thought of combining my love of writing, my interest in the media, and all things journalism with my desire to lead and support strong media campaigns. In my first interview with the agency, I was honest in my ambitions and, once I got the job, I was quickly given the opportunity to showcase my writing and offer some of my own thoughts and ideas for our client-focused campaigns.

For example, I am a keen sports lover and liked the thought of being involved in developing a campaign strategy with a fitness company. Since joining the agency, I’ve been placed on fitness accounts where I have been able to share my own personal knowledge of sports, how I, as a consumer, would interact with a brand as well as being given the support to communicate these ideas within some of our informal whole-agency brainstorming sessions.

The team at PRAO has always supported me as a ‘newbie’, helped to direct and inform my work whilst teaching me to be extra vigilant in writing and communicating with clients. And, after just four months working in the office, lockdown meant these were lessons I had to take with me when working from home.

Now, I am approaching eight months of working at the agency and after three months of working from home, I was promoted to Account Executive at the end of June this year. I have even taken a key role in activating and supporting a client’s campaign where we are calling on the government to make key changes to support the retail sector.  

In November last year, I would never have thought I’d have this much responsibility and joining an agency that not only supports you but has a solid reputation to match (we won four AMEC Golds at the 2020 awards!) – I am happy I accepted the job and am looking forward to seeing where PRAO will take me next! I’ve even enjoyed a few dog days, with my puppy, Margot, visiting the office for a team morale boost.

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