Poundland’s Gift Of Nothing PR Stunt

We all know the impact a positive PR stunt can have on a brand’s image, even more so when this has a seasonal focus. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity.

This year Poundland did just that with their Gift of Nothing PR stunt.

In an age where conversation about the growing concern about the environment is at the heart of the country, Poundland released a heart shaped plastic object with nothing in it. That simple.

This stirred up a number of emotions for customers, and received a large amount of backlash from environmental campaigners.

Why is this a good example? While the articles were negative due to the use of unnecessary use of plastic packaging, the activity generated lots of coverage for the brand. It put Poundland at the front of the mind of their customers.

While some negative PR techniques can put some customers off, for many it won’t matter.

It begs the question, is Poundland the kind of brand that that pushes the boundaries with their PR activity no matter what the impact?

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